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Teaching the Churchill Style of Instinctive Shooting

Wing Shooting, Clay Shooting, British Course Design, Shotgun Courses and Shooting Schools with Chris Batha, world authority on double gun shooting.


Lessons & Shooting School

Lessons and Shooting Schools

The Fundamentals of Straight Shooting: Stance – Posture – Gun Mount – Gun Fit – Technique

         To achieve the smooth combination of stance and posture, gun mount and technique that results in the “Instinctive Shot”, the sportsman needs to be in balance. This balance starts at the beginning and continues through to the completion of the shot. This holds true in the field, on a sporting clays course or on the skeet range. 
         Balance begins with the feet and their position in relation to the target. It is then complemented by body posture, allowing the gun to be easily and properly mounted to the cheek and shoulder, unimpeded. When both of these fundamentals are learned, then good gun fit becomes a prerequisite of successful shooting. 
         Technique is the final component, be it “Pass Through”, “Pull Away” or “Sustained Lead”. Only when combined with the well practiced and drilled fundamentals can a truly “Instinctive” shot be made. 
         In my teaching the emphasis is always on creating these foundations which are the building blocks of successful “Instinctive Shooting”. -Chris Batha

Shooting School sessions are limited to no more than four students per two-day school. This will enable each group to have maximum “one on one” coaching and involvement with the instructor and reap the full benefit of the course. See "Schools and Shows" for current schedule.

Thanks for the shooting lesson yesterday. Although I've been shooting all my life, I can honestly say that I learned more about shooting in one day at your class than in all my other days of shooting combined. You have a great approach to teaching."

Kelly Land
Copenhill, Inc.

“Second time at the range since Chris’ instruction I ran 25 straight again. Thanks again for the help."
-George Brown

“You are correct, those birds do not fly backwards! I appreciate your instruction and as you can imagine, I will be working very hard to correct and perfect the technique. "
-J. Basil Mattingly

Hourly Lessons, Half Day and Full Day Shooting Schools

Although each group has the ability to customize the format, an example of an average session is as follows:

Day One









Introduction of students and instructor, overview of school format and goals, 50-bird Sporting Clays, with video taping of each student

Video diagnosis, Cause-Fault-Correction


Shooting practice and goal reinforcement

Question & Answer period
day review.

Finish Day One












Recap of Day One

Custom gun fitting with try-gun and pattern plate. Students will rotate for fittings, with the other 3 shooting


Shooting at pairs and Bogey Birds

50-Bird Sporting Clays “Competition” with video analysis

Question and Answer period

Refreshments and review of skill improvements using videos from Days One and Two

Shooting School finishes

School Locations: Premier facilities in the USA.

Class levels:

Introductory - Basics & Fundamentals   •    Advanced - Wing & Clay Techniques 
Master Class - Mechanical, Visual & Mental skills.

Ladies’, Couples and Master classes are available.
Methods: All disciplines; Instinctive British Wing & Clay Shooting Technique.

Thank you so much for all you did in hosting the shooting school here. The ones that attended all had very positive comments and would like to attend another one.
— -Debi Mills Rough Creek Lodge, Glen Rose, Texas

Full Day Clays and Quail Wing Shooting School

October through March
A Shooting School designed especially for the Upland Hunter, with a morning of clay shooting to warm up for an afternoon spent hunting Quail over dogs Classes are limited to 4 , with a minimum of two participants.

Morning Session: 9 AM to 12:30 PM
The day begins with a comprehensive classroom session covering safety, clay targets and upland shooting. Each student is videotaped shooting a few clays, then the fundamentals of stance, posture and gun mount are reviewed and the individual’s goals are discussed. Next, all go to the Clays Course to shoot, putting into practice the points that have been covered. At 12:30 PM there is a break for lunch.

Afternoon Session: 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
A traditional guided Quail Hunt with instruction where needed. The venue is a private Hunting Preserve just 25 miles South of Savannah, Georgia with skilled Guides, highly trained hunting dogs and fast-flying quail. 

Clay targets are at club rates. Refreshments, lunches, Guide, hunting dogs and 8 quail (per person) are included. Tips for the Guide, Transportations and ammunition are not included. Student should bring 250 -300 shells, preferably in 20 or 28 gauge.

$875.00 per person
Full Day Clays and Quail Schools are for 2 to 4 People, with a minimum of 2 People.

50% non-refundable deposit for Full Day Clays Shooting School, Full Day Clays and Quail School.

The School will proceed as follows: 

Day One: 

  • Introduction and classroom session beginning with the essential safety briefing, followed by an in-depth description of the logistics of a Driven Pheasant Shoot

  • Instruction on the correct footwork, stance, posture and the all-important gun mount

  • The best techniques for tackling high pheasant and partridge at 40 yards and more

  • The differences between the Stansbury and Churchill shooting techniques

  • How to choose the right shotgun and gauge with the best choke and cartridge combinations for Driven Shooting

  • Explanations of the minutiae and mysterious terms in Driven Shooting; pegs, keepers, loaders, picker ups, beaters, flankers and more

  • The best choice of clothing for Game Shooting in the British Fall

  • Tipping for keepers and loaders

  • Using a single gun with a “Stuffer” and the “Two gun Tango” with a Loader and a pair of guns

A break to enjoy a catered lunch

The afternoon will be spent on the shooting grounds and the group will be divided into three teams of four.

There will be three training areas, each presenting a true-to-life presentation of a Driven Game bird in flight. Each team will work with one of the instructors for an hour and a quarter, then move to the next instructor and training area, rotating throughout the afternoon. This will give everyone the opportunity to put into practice the lessons from the morning classroom session.

The day will end with a classroom wrap-up with a question and answer session, and finally, a “stirrup cup” and a few choice nibbles.

Day Two:

  • A brief re-cap of the lessons from Day One, followed by a full day of simulated Driven Game Shooting, run as a real Driven Game Shoot in Great Britain.

  • The class will divide into pairs teaming up with a fellow Gun, taking turns to shoot and load for each other. Pegs will be drawn and the six teams will take their places on their pegs for the first drive.

  • One Gun will shoot while the other loads, and there will be a whistle blown half way through each drive to indicate when to change from Loader to Gun. At the end of the drive, the Guns will move to their next peg.

  • There will be two drives in the morning- the first will be simulated Driven Partridge, the second, simulated Driven Grouse.

  • The morning drives will start at a gentle pace to allow the Guns and Loaders to warmup and get into the swing of double-gunning. The instructors will be making the rounds critiquing and offering helpful advice on each drive.

  • Refreshments will be served between the drives, in the traditional manner.

A catered lunch will be served after the morning drives

In the afternoon, there will be two drives of simulated Driven Pheasant. The same rotations will apply as in the morning, with Guns and Loaders taking turns mid-drive and the teams moving pegs after the drive.

The instructors will be circulating to offer assistance and coaching throughout the drives. 

At the end of the day there will be a question and answer session followed by wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Note: You will shoot between 350 and 500 shells during the day. While shooting, loading or observing, shooting glasses, hearing protection, hats and gloves must be worn and long-sleeved shirts are recommended.

Cost of British Driven Game Shooting Academy:
$1,750.00 per person 

Cost includes: All instruction, classroom sessions, video-taping, clays, cartridges, refreshments and catered lunches.

Cost does not include: Transport to or from the Driven Shooting Venue, accommodations, or other meals.     

50 % Deposit of $875.00 per person is due upon registration

Send your check to Chris Batha, 43 Pinckney Colony Road, Okatie, SC 29909-4100 

To Join the School Contact: Chris Batha – or call 866-254-2406


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