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Teaching the Churchill Style of Instinctive Shooting

Wing Shooting, Clay Shooting, British Course Design, Shotgun Courses and Shooting Schools with Chris Batha, world authority on double gun shooting.

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Welcome to the Gazette!

Chris Batha

Welcome to the inaugural copy of the Chris Batha Gazette, a quarterly newsletter for lovers of fine guns and connoisseurs of high quality wing shooting throughout the world. Many of you will have joined me for a shooting school or custom gunfitting; others shared the excitement of high quality and testing shooting throughout Europe, Africa and South America. Many more share with me a passion for the bespoke double gun. Whatever your interest, I would like to continue to offer to supply you with personal service and consultation on all of your shooting requirements.


What Makes A Best Gun?

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What Makes A Best Gun?
Follow the Building of a Churchill

Timeless craftsmanship and the most advanced manufacturing techniques are used to produce the modern day Churchill. The classic action is built using the very latest computer aided design technology. This, when combined with the skill of the gunmaker, gives a flawless and robust action.

Barrel manufacturing starts with the forging of chopper lump tubes which are cut and bored from the highest grade chrome nickel steel. After carefully jointing the barrels to the main body of the action, the jointer then passes the barrelled action to the actioner who meticulously fits all the bolting and lever work.

gun manufacture

After this work is completed, both the action and barrels are proofed at the London Proof House to 1200 bar (2 3/4 magnum). After proofing, the actioner then fits all the internal mechanisms and lockwork before passing the gun on to the stocker who fits the stock and fore-end.

Hand-picked deluxe grade walnut is selected for its outstanding figuring with both warm colour and well-defined grain. When the stock and fore-end have been seemlessly married to the action and barrels the gun is finally regulated and the stock finished for chequering. The gun is then ready for engraving.

The gun is hand-engraved with painstaking attention to detail by a superbly skilled craftman. The famous E.J. Churchill name appears for the first time amidst the beautiful fine scroll engraving. The classic Churchill style of engraving is deliberately lacking in ostentation but transports the gun from the realm of mere mechanical excellence to a work of art with grace and movement in both the shape and details of the engraving.

gun making detail, Custom Gun Fitting

Customers may prefer to order a range of different engraving styles to suit their own particular preference, whether it be a game scene or a favourite gun dog.

After engraving, the action is colour cased hardened, the gun regulated and the wood finished with repeated applications of oil to enhance the natural grain. In all, it will have taken 1,000 man-hours to complete.

For information on E.J. Churchill Best London Guns contact Chris Batha at
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