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Gun Sales and Services

Gun Sales and Services


New Guns

Standard Shotguns available
from the following companies:

  • Beretta
  • Connecticut Shotgun
    Manufacturing Company
  • Krieghoff
  • Perazzi
  • Perugini-Visini

Custom Bespoke Guns

Built to your specifications
from the following companies: 

  • Charles Boswell Gunmaker
  • Joseph Harkom
  • British Ordnance Company 
  • Perugini & Visini
  • Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company 
  • Krieghoff
  • Perazzi 


Refurbished Shotguns 

Location and
Evaluation - Sales

We offer assistance in finding your perfect gun:
over 30 years of experience in the Gun Trade making, repairing and refurbishing Best Guns has created a unique set of skills to help you find the perfect gun for you and the type of shooting
that you enjoy.



Refurbished Best Guns

Location and
Evaluation - Sales  

The cost of a new Best Gun can be prohibitive; however the opportunity to own and shoot a Best Gun is made possible by the careful selection and purchase of an older Best Shotgun.

Thanks to long-established, strong connections within the shotgun making industry, 

I will find one for you that is intrinsically sound, made by the maker of your choice, be it at a Provincial or London auction house, through a gun maker or in a private sale.

I can inspect and report on the gun’s suitability and the condition of lock, stock and barrel, put together a comprehensive report of the required restoration work and supply a cost estimate for what it would take to return it to its original condition and functionality.

Then It can be refurbished in our London Workshops where the work is done by the same time-served craftsmen who make our Best Guns. 


Repair and Servicing

In our London workshop we carry out repairs and servicing for some of the major Shooting Grounds and gun shops in the UK. We do annual strip and clean, stocking, new barrels or barrel sleeving as well as repair, replace and regulate lock and action parts.

Gun Storage

If you are a regular visitor to the UK for Driven Game Shooting, we can store your guns in our secure facility, perform the annual strip and clean to ensure that they are “clicking and ticking”, ready for the next time you wish to use them.   

Shotgun Import and Export  

We have open import and export licenses and bonded agents in the USA, Europe and the UK.