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Teaching the Churchill Style of Instinctive Shooting

Wing Shooting, Clay Shooting, British Course Design, Shotgun Courses and Shooting Schools with Chris Batha, world authority on double gun shooting.




2019 Schedule
Shooting Schools, Lessons and Custom Gunfittings


June 2019

June 4 – Full Day

June 6 & 7:
The Orvis Classic
Millbrook, New York

June 11: Half Day AM
June 14:
Half Day AM
June 19:
Half Day AM   
June 20:
Full Day
June 21:
Half Day AM
June 25:
Full Day 
June 26:
Half Day AM
June 27:
Full Day
June 28:
Half Day AM

July 2019

July 2: Full Day
July 3:
Half Day AM
July 5:
Half Day AM
July 9:
Full Day
July 10:
Half  Day AM
July 11:
Full Day 
July 12:
Half Day AM
July 16: 
Full Day 



Note: Saturdays and Sundays are often available for Trap, Skeet and Gun Fittings 

To book a Lesson, Shooting School or Custom Gun Fitting, Call

866-254-2406 or email or